7.1 THX Ultra II Dedicated Theater Room in Novato, CA. Designed and installed by AV Dimensions.

7.1 THX Ultra II Dedicated Theater Room

The client had a perfect room for his dreams to come true since he started with a blank canvas. AV Dimensions designed a 7.1 THX Ultra II system that has three front channel speakers, two side channel speakers, two back channel speakers and one subwoofer. The THX Ultra2 Certified products bring the cinematic experience to larger home theaters, 3,000 cubic feet in size, with a viewing distance of 12 feet or greater from the screen. We also installed absorbing and diffusion acoustic treatment was installed behind the beautiful burgundy drapery. The walls are painted with Ralph Lauren light-absorbing paint. All the Audio Video Components are hidden and one remote controls the whole room from the lighting to the audio and video. We used LUTRON Spacer lighting control for the room. Lights dim automatically when you start a movie and slowly raise when you pause or stop watching.

Components used:

ANTHEM AVM 20 THX Ultra Certified Preamplifier Processor

Cinenova Grande 5 by Earthquake Sound

ANTHEM MCA 20, Multi Channel Amplifier

Atlantic Technology 451e

SuperNova MKIV-15P by Earthquake Sound Subwoofers

Panamax MAX 5500ACR

Richard Gray’s Power Company RGPC 400S

AcousticsFirst Art Diffusors and Absorbing acoustical panels

Straight Wire cables

LUTRON Spacer Lighting Control

THX Ultra 7.1 Speakers System