Small THX Select2 Multi Media Room in Sausalito, CA

Small Multi Media Room

The client requested we design & build a cabinet that would house the rear-projection TV, the front speakers and software. Also, built a smaller cabinet to house the Middle Atlantic pullout rack system. This allows use to pull the whole rack out and rotate it for servicing or updating the system. We work with Dick Homestead from Homestead Construction on building the cabinets. Dick Homestead and Jeff Alegria go way back. Mr Homestead employed Jeff for over 11 years helping him get his B General license. The

Components used:

Optoma TV SV50XF, Sovereign Series 50″

ONKYO TX-NR708(B): Network A/V Receiver • THX™ Select2 Plus

Integra DPC-8.5, 6-Disc Universal DVD-Audio/Video & SACD player

Atlantic Technology ICTS 6.2 for the Front Channles

Atlantic Technology 920LR-S-BLK for the Side Channels

Atlantic Technology 212 SB, 125 watt, 10″ Powered Subwoofer in Satin Black

Panamax MAX 5500ACR

Home Theater Master MX850 Orion remote controller

Middle Atlantic SRSR2-21, 21 Space