Acoustic Treatment Installation in a Dolby Atmos 9.1.2 Speaker Configuration Theater Room

Acoustic Treatment

We just recently completed installing both The Dimension4™ Concerto system acoustic treatment and screen drapery at Michael Dirnt’s house for PMI. Michael was a pleasure to work for and Anthony Grimani owner of Performance Media Industries, Ltd. PMI are the best when it comes to acoustic design and fabrication. Jeff has known Anthony for over 20 years and he was one of Jeff’s training instructors at THX. Jeff always consults with PMI on all his large acoustic projects. Part of the project was to relocated the Multi Room Audio Amps for better ventilation and install a remote fan system. We also removed the DELL network switch that had noisy fans and installed a new LUXUL XGS-1024S 24-Port Gigabit Flex Mount Switch with no fans needed.

Materials Used:

MSR The Dimension4™ Concerto system

Consulting Firm:

Anthony Grimani

Performance Media Industries, Ltd.